Eat your vegetables kids. (Plants vs. Zombies)

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Further proof that vegetables do way more good than harm. For all you kids who barfed up your peas back in the day, this ones for you.

My husband Chris Kirkham was offered the chance to play and review the game Plants Vs. Zombies, made by Pop Cap games, but I got to it before he did. Although I’m married to a big nerd, I consider myself to be an even bigger gamer nerd than he is so I jumped at the chance to play the game and review it.

This was the PC version. These games are often made for apps on smart phones, iPods, etc. I didn’t have much hope for this game to be honest. I mean, come on. How fun can a game about plants versus zombies really be? Boy, was I wrong. I didn’t want to give it a chance but once I started playing I couldn’t stop. It sucks you in. It’s all about strategery (Yes, I realize that is not a real word. Thank you, Will Ferrell.), and killing zombies.  These are two quick ways to gain fans. Who doesn’t want to kill zombies?

If any of you read the earlier review by Nicholas West (the Mac version), he pretty much sums up the game for you. The premise of the game is to protect your home. Nothing too unique there. It’s all in the way you protect it that this game stands out from the rest. Yes my friends. You plant some plants, the zombies attack, you save the day. The plants they introduce to you are your every day, common variety Sunflowers, Peashooters, Potato Mines, and Puffshrooms, to name a few.  The zombies that attack range from your average brain-eating Zombie, to a Zombie Yeti.

You  are charged with protecting your front yard, back yard, and roof. In order to plant the heroic flora, you are responsible for collecting “suns” which come from not only the sky, but from sunflowers or other UV inspired plants.

The first level moves pretty slow, allowing you the chance to get a feel for the game and plan out your strategy. Each round after gets progressively harder and more challenging, but you also get new plants and zombies, so it’s never the same game twice. As you kill zombies, you are also able to collect coins. After a few rounds, your neighbor, Crazy Dave, comes to visit. He was, personally, one of  my favorite parts of this game.

Crazy Dave

He opens shop, giving you the chance to purchase additional weapons, tools, and things to assist you in your mission. The more money you earn, the more things you can buy (obviously). You also get an almanac, which allows you to view the different plants and zombies you’ve encountered throughout the game, to remind you of their strengths, weaknesses, and purpose. From the main menu, you can view your achievements and almanac, and you can access mini-games as well. Those are fun, although I never get much into things like that. I enjoyed the game itself much more.

I haven’t beat the game yet; I suppose I have some more work to do to truly call myself a “zombie-slayer” but this is a super fun, addicting game that I would recommend to even the most die-hard gamers. So go out my followers, and slay away!

plants vs zombies

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