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East of West #11: The House of Mao Rises

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In East of West #11, The Chosen are meeting at The Wall. Each leader has an agenda, of course. Can diplomacy bring the states together for a positive future or will war breakout? Hickman sets the stage for the possibility of a truly epic battle.

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East of West #11 cover from

East of West #11 cover from

East of West #11: The Wall Beckons
Writer: Jonathan Hickman
Artist: Nick Dragotta
Colors: Frank Martin
Publisher: Image Comics
Release Date: April 9, 2014

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East of West blends science and magic in an alternate universe that is on the brink of apocalypse. In issue #11, Hickman pushes the political opposition together for a make or break moment.

The opening scene begins with Xiaolian planning her political approach. It concludes with a rallying cry for the House of Mao—so much for diplomacy. Chamberlain is holding a conversation with an entity contained in a small wooden box on Chamberlain’s desk. That’s creepy! These political masterminds recount which state they believe will come out on top in the impending conflict. How leverage and influence will win the day. Meanwhile, Soloman is having terrible nightmares. If only his torment would stop there, but it seems to have a greater part to play. The Kingdom is sending John and his brother, Nine, to The Wall as its delegation. Seconds into their partnership, the brotherly bickering starts. That does not bode well for a successful political meeting. The Union’s Madame President departs from the White Tower and prepares herself. However, her preferred method to get pumped up for this meeting would be to see the populous burn. At the Wall, Chamberlain gives President Burkhart the run down on the delegations at The Wall: The Union, The Kingdom, The Texas Republic, and the PRA. His insights are essential to Burkhart. He identifies the most dangerous opposition –The Endless Nation.

No flashbacks this issue. Maybe that means we’ve met all the key players now and the larger plot will move forward. Because, I need to know what happens next! If only this book was weekly instead of monthly—I just want to know now!

Hickman is still weaving a great tale here. Dragotta’s art only adds to the immersive experience of this comic. This comic is unique, stylish, and iconic. Read my thoughts and comments on the series and issue #10. I am a fan of this series. Big fan. It has a blend of science and magic in a mythic tale full of archetypes. All the stuff I love.

Recommendation: For readers who like a sci-fi tale with classic characters and spiritual tones complete with love, redemption, and revenge. Pretty Deadly readers or even Sandman readers could get pulled into this universe easily. Start with the East Of West TPB Vol. 01 The Promise and start catching up!

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