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EA’s New SSX – Details

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I’ve never been a snowboarder or a skiier, and I probably will never be…even though I live in Utah which is arguably one of the finest places to do so in the world. I DO, however, enjoy the living hell out of snowboarding games. It started with Cool Boarders on the PS1 and continued with SSX on the PS2 and even Amped on the OG Xbox. So when I saw an interview and an expose on what we can expect from EA on their first current-gen snowboarding game, I became hopeful.

The game is going to be titled just “SSX”, thankfully they’ve dropped the ‘Deadly Descents’ subtitle. It is set to feature at least 70 different mountains across the globe to board down (think of the ONE mountain in SSX 3 and multipy that by 70), newer tricks, returning characters, new character, and tools that your character will use to traverse the mountains…it’s easier to think of them as perks like the CoD series uses.

New to the series will be a revamped trick system and the deadly descent mode. In deadly descent, you’re not trying to out board sparkly vampires or anything, more of a trying to survive the damn mountain as there are avalanches and rockslides that could claim the life of your character (probably just require a time penalty).

The developers are also hoping to open up the world for your character to explore, they want the non-realisticly styled runs from the orignal games to make a comeback, but have it be much more open than we saw in SSX 3’s “Conquer the Mountain” run.

I consider SSX 3 as the final version of SSX that ever came out. On Tour and Blur didn’t exist, they never deserved to. Let’s just hope that the new version will live up to the first three games’ pedigree. This all sounds good to me. Where do you want me to insert my credit card?

To read the entire interview, head over to GameInformer for all the details I might have glossed over.

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