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Earthworm Jim Headed to Consoles, Maybe iPhone

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earthworm jim what the heck

I think all of the advocating for Earthworm Jim to be the next Sega Genesis title to be released on Xbox Live might be moot after reading that Interplay has granted Gameloft rights to publish the title anywhere it sees fit…including iPhone, if they so wish.

In a press release, the guys from Gameloft shared their elation at being able to bring out one of my favorite games from the era of sprites and cartridge consoles:

“We are delighted to partner with Interplay to bring Earthworm Jim to multiple downloadable platforms. The game, with its humorous and edgy style, is a great fit for today’s gamer who craves a fully immersive experience that is fun and easily accessible. We look forward to delivering a fantastic game.”

So far the only timeframe for the game’s release date is sometime in Q4 of this year, meaning this might be one of the few games that I can purchase without guilt or worry that I might be getting it from someone else. The clencher is that Xbox Live Arcade gets to trot it out as an exclusive for a whole month before Wiiware and the PSN Store get their hands on it. All you young kids have no excuse to play one of the best games to come out during the SNES/Genesis era of 16-bit gaming.

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