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Earthworm Jim HD – Trailer

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I’m a Shiny fanboy, I’ve loved just about every game that the company ever made, so when I heard news of there being an Earthworm Jim remake in the works. I nearly pooped my pants in anticipation. Now, we’re merely a week away from being able to play said game.

Gameloft, who has published and developed the new HD version of the 16 bit classic has added new gameplay modes, namely 4 player co-op, and new levels…one that seems to include Keyboard Cat. The Xbox 360 version will be out next week on the 9th, and the PSN version will have to wait a whole month as Xbox’s exclusivity deal works its magic.

Oh and if for some reason you don’t want to play this great game in HD, there’s an iPhone port and a DS port you can get as well, but my money is on the Xbox 360 version.

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