EA whores out whores

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You really have to hand it to EA. Say what you want about them, but they are the masters of marketing, and their newest campaign/contest is like a mix of a train wreck and pure fucking win. While Comic-Con is happening this week, EA wants you to take a picture of yourself with their, or any of the booth babes and Twitter the results, in an effort to win a “date” with two “hot” girls, who will have “dinner” with you. And you win a lot of things as well. Now let’s play, guess what game this promotion is for? Dante’s Inferno. Don’t worry, I wouldn’t have guessed either.

What do I even say about this? The girls who go out with the winner are probably under contractual obligations not to sleep with the guy, but then again if you are going to Comic-Con, you’re probably not going to get laid regardless. So…what’s the fucking point? If I want company while I eat, I’ll go eat with a friend. If I want some whores to pretend to be interested in me while I eat, I’ll go to any sports bar in the country. I just think this contest is hilarious, as before when nerds were creepily excited by booth babes, this year it’s going to be just unbelievable. You could not pay me to be a Comic-Con booth babe this year (assuming I was both a girl and hot). Those girls are in more danger than comedy at a Dane Cook show.

If you are the kind of pathetic nerd I’ve been making fun of this whole time, you can find further details here.

(Via Destructoid)

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