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EA Losing Serious Bank on Used Games

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EA has their own podcast (it’s the cool thing to do these days) and have made it up to 2 episodes so far. On the latest episode, they had Glen Schofield, GM of Visceral Games, as a guest. Naturally, he was there to talk about EA’s new IP, Dead Space.

He noted on the podcast that the company did research on how many people in total played the game on PS3 and the 360 and that number came out to about 3 million. Funny thing is…the game only sold about 1.5 million copies of the game were sold. I’ll give you all a second for that to sink in…yup, 2 times as many people who bought the game played it.

I may not be Mr. Maths, but that tells me that used and rental accounted for half of the players. This might not seem that important, but if you also consider that a game this good might stay in people’s collections (like mine), then that means that the used/rental number is actually higher than the 50% mark.

Considering that most used games only go for $5 less than what they are priced at retail (generally $60), I’m going to go out on a limb and say that used game retailers cleaned up quite a bit when it came to Dead Space they probably cleared about 60-70% of the cash that the game made for EA without actually having to make an investment worth any risk. These guys are just killing the game companies…it’s no wonder why they all want to go digital distribution.

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