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New Tetris Playing Machines Coming Your Way

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I have bigger moobs than this guy, so I shouldn't talk really. But, c'mon, it's funny!

Ok, the Apple Tablet, something that a few of us here at MediaWhore are excited about, will be revealed later this month and according to Wall Street Journal (yes, we read smartypants papers) EA will be right there for the unveiling.

Well, we’re not 100% certain, but it’s almost something you could put money on, that Apple is going to be announcing their tablet computer on the 27th of this month. I know that our very own Ryan Wilson will be flipping the bird to the Apple geeks (myself included) who are going to be watching the presentation with bated breath.

There is one thing that we know for certain…we’ll all probably get a chance to play Tetris on the iTablet (patent pending) the very week that the new platform hits the shelves. Depending on the price of this new contraption, I think Sony and Nintendo will have a fight on their hands, well more of one than they already do, for the top handheld gaming system.

Not only will EA be putting shit out on the tablet pc, but we’re hearing that they plan on loading games to Amazon’s Kindle as well…I personally think that’s going to be the equivalent of loading programs onto your TI-82 back in High School. It may be neat, but not practical.

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