Alan Smithee

EA Has Printed Their Last Game Manual

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Joining Ubisoft in the “screw the gamers” crowd, has decided to stop printing the in-box manuals that gamers around the world use as toilet reading…or to save the Earth, you decide.

I love how companies who can save a buck or two when it comes to giving gamers more value for their money (i.e.: Instructions Manuals) pretend to do it for altruistic reasons, as we’re seeing with EA this month as they’ve announced that the last game from their library to get a manual will be NBA Jam.

Apparently the movement for the companies to include an in-game tutorial or training level has caught on and in doing so, they can save some cash on printing costs and save the world a bit of paper.

I dunno guys, they started first with the less plastic in the cases thing, now they’re taking out the manual, It makes me wonder if the next step will be the slip cases that are made out of cardstock. The most egregious thing is that they aren’t going to chip a buck or two off the price, instead you get to pay the exact same for less. Aren’t we just a giant bunch of lucky ducks?

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