Dynamo 5 Vol. 5: Sins of The Father – Review

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What if they chopped Superman into little bits and divvied out each of his powers to his illegitimate children?

If you’ve never read Dynamo 5, let me give you a thirty-second primer. Captain Dynamo, the hero of Tower City for over four decades, was found dead from poison and naked in a hotel room…which isn’t quite the way for any superhero to go. In the wake of his death, his wife (Maddie Warner, a former government agent who monitored superhuman activities) finds out that her husband of many years was quite the cheater.

It turns out that through all of his extramarital affairs, he had at least five illegitimate children who all genetically gained one of the many powers that Captain Dynamo had. We’re talking Superman type of abilities like: laser vision, flight, superhuman strength, telepathy, and shape shifting. Up to this volume of the trade they were all pretty static in their abilities and superhero names…until yet another sibling comes along and causes them grief by switching their abilities around…huff…puff…ok, consider yourself caught up.

The beginning of this trade finds us observing the Dynamo 5 team fighting a robot horde of unknown origin. After taking them apart in clean superhero fashion, we find out that they had been sent by an enemy from Captain Dynamo’s past that nearly destroyed the Earth. The only thing that kept the planet safe last time was the combined efforts of many of the best superheroes of that age fighting back and even then they barely defeated him and sent him packing. Now three of his progeny have returned and aim to reclaim their honor. Will our fledgling heroes be able to live up to their father’s legacy?

This is my kind of comic. I’ve always been a sucker for superhero books, I grew up reading series like X-Men, The Avengers, and many other team books.

The writing for the series was handled by Jay Faerber who did excellent work on Marvel’s Generation X and his own series on Image called Noble Causes, which this series is a spin-off from. The pacing is absolutely perfect and has some of the most intense action scenes I’ve ever read in a comic, without ever feeling forced.

The storyline is fairly simple, yet the amount of history you get for each character and the interactions between each other as a team that really fills in the panels between all of the glorious action that makes me love every facet of the story. The fact that he managed to write a Kojima-esque love blossoming on one end of the battlefield while you have another character fighting for revenge really hammered the home that this is top notch solid writing.

The art for this trade is a bit different than the other trades that have been released mainly because they went from having Mahmud A. Asrar (artist for the first 25 issues) to using Julio Brilha, who proves he’s just as good, if not slightly better than Mr. Asrar. I really enjoyed how he chose to illustrate this five issue series with an art style that seems much more traditional than most modern comics…meaning that there are sooo many different ways one can choose to draw the issue, whether it be fuzzy, blurred lines, to darkness for dark’s sake (you all know what I mean I’m sure).

STORY: 100%
ART: 100%

Too many times do comic artists decide to distance themselves from clean lines for the sake of what I assume they think is art. This on the other hand, is perfect. The art is exctremely clean in its lines, the shading is just as great and the coloring combines with the other two to make it seem like the pages are really popping from the paper. In my opinion, this is THE example of what a superhero comic should be.

I’m just sad that the series ended after this trade. I would have loved to keep following it monthly. I guess I still have the other trades I’m missing out on. Then again, I can always re-read this one too! PICK THIS ONE UP!

[Editors Note: Our scoring system is based on the Authors opinions of the product they reviewed, we know a 100% isn’t something that gets tossed around easily, but everyone has their own opinion of what is perfection.]

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