Alan Smithee

Dyack isn’t Relevant Anymore

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After spending an inordinate amount of time making Too Human only to have it be regarded as a work of mediocrity by a good portion of the gaming community (Metacritic puts it at 65), Denis Dyack spoke today during the Develop Conference (in England) about how the future of the gaming market is inevitably headed towards a one-console existence.

“The value of technology is becoming less and less significant compared to the games that are on it. It’s costing hardware manufacturers more and more to do research and development. Video game publishers are having a harder and harder time making money.”

Well Mr. Dyack, way to blame the hardware industry for lackluster sales of your games. There are TONS of companies/publishers that are doing just fine when it comes to making a profit. It’s all a matter of having SUCCESSFUL titles, not 10 year old hype-ware.

I’ve heard this argument for the entire twenty-something years that I’ve been a gamer. I doubt we’ll ever see a single format when it comes to games, it’s not what the market wants. Without console fanboys, the economy would collapse, and sites like this one wouldn’t have anything to bitch about anymore. The world always needs to have a console war.

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