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Dungeon Fighter Online To Be Demoed At PAX

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So you haven’t heard of Dungeon Fighter Online? I don’t blame you. DFO has been out in Korea, Japan, and China for a few years now, and is just making it’s way to our side of the Pacific later this year. You may be asking yourself why you should care about another Korean MMO, which is a fair question. I’ve been interested in DFO ever since a couple Korean friends of mine started playing it. The main hook Dungeon Fighter Online has going for it is its sidescrolling, beat’em up gameplay which is based off of one of my favorite arcade games, Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara (also known as D&D2). D&D2 created the perfect blend of 2 unrelated genres, the sidescrolling beat’em up and RPGs. It included a complex item management and magic system, and a leveling system, both of which were unseen in arcade games. I’m not one to promote piracy, but if you can find a MAME rom of D&D2, I highly suggest you check it out.

But let’s get back to Dungeon Fighter Online. DFO can be thought of as an MMO-styled version of D&D2, and from what I’ve heard it’s pretty well done. The game expands on its source material by adding multiple dungeons, a branching class system, and multiple difficulty levels. Nexon America will be showing the localized version of Dungeon Fighter Online off at the Penny Arcade Expo next month, and I ‘m very excited to check out their booth. Check out the videos after the break for some sweet 2d action.

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