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Duke Nukem Glorious Bastard #1 – Review

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It’s not everyday that you pick up a comic that is simply drenched in testosterone, let alone one that satisfies men of every persuasion’s need for rampant sex, violence, and binge drinking. Oh and Nazis, anything is better once you add a Nazi or two.

The newest comic from IDW, featuring the classic PC gaming hero, is for the lack of a better term, brilliant. As I was reading this issue I found myself groaning (not from pleasure) over the abundant use of terrible puns, hypersexualization of female characters (seriously the heroine in the book is known as French Tickler), and gaping plot holes. It’s a hot mess that was obviously made to be that way and as a fan of Duke, you have to expect it.

The gist of the plot is as follows, during World War II, the Nazis made a deal with an alien race to bring about the master race but are discarded as it becomes apparent that they are about to lose the war, which leads to a full invasion by the Vril-Ya. This is where my gaping plot hole and following paragraph come into play.

The ONLY issue I have with this book is the use of time travel. NEVER EVER USE TIME TRAVEL AS A PLOT DEVICE, EVER! However, since we’re setting up Mr. Nukem to take on the 3rd Reich and their ties to space aliens, I’ll warrant it just this one time. I do wonder how Duke being in the future and not suffering any ill effects of being there warrants a necessity for him to travel to the past. This is why I hate time travel stories, it does nothing good for your premise.

The artwork by relatively new artist Xermanico (aka Alejandro Germanico Benito Gonzalez) is crisp, exciting and just fun to flip through. The images of ultra violence aren’t hyper graphic to the point of you going to lose your lunch, but they definitely get their point across. I have to give him credit for the inclusion of so much female eye candy (I am a man afterall) as it made the full circle of the experience, that is Duke, complete.


I have to say that I enjoyed reading this issue and will probably pick up the next issue only because of how glorious of a calculated trainwreck the plot and dialogue is. Keep in mind that book isn’t for everyone. Like anything involving this IP, if it’s not offensive then it’s not marketable. If you have any standards in your comics or can’t stand corny dialogue then pass this one by. However, if you’re a Duke Nukem fan, you owe it to the man to get this series. Remember that you’re always supposed to bet on Duke, no matter what.

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