Alan Smithee

Duke Nukem Forever Goes Gold

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We don’t normally do too many of these _____ game has gone gold posts, but today…I think it’s incumbent upon us to let you know that this game is past their might happen phase and has moved into its WILL HAPPEN phase.

It would take the second coming of Christ or maybe Crom descending from Valhalla and demanding an answer to the Riddle of the Steel to keep this game from making its release date of June 14th here in the US and the 10th for the rest of the world.

Gearbox is one of our favorite companies ever since they were the force behind the madly addicting Borderlands, and nevermind the fact that Duke Nukem can’t be uttered here in the WPR office without everyone reminiscing about how awesome Duke Nukem 3D was. Hell, our very own senior editor Ryan Wilson has claimed that he’s ordering two copies of this game, one of which will be left in a safe deposit box.

To say we’re excited…is an understatement.

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