Alan Smithee

Driver: San Francisco – Gameplay Trailer

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Driver's one of those love it or hate it series.

I’ll have to be honest. Ever since the first Driver game…I didn’t think I’d ever get my hopes up for another game like it to come along. Sure, we had shitty sequel after shitty sequel and not to mention all of the horrible knockoff games that came after, but this game has definitely grabbed my attention.

The developers say that there’s over 208 miles of road to drive along in the scenic city of San Francisco, but I wonder if you can drive up to the Mythbusters offices. The ‘shift’ function seems a bit funky though. It could be fun.

The only thing that I don’t really like is the seemingly python-esque red trail of light that’s pouring from the back of the cars which makes me think of the black knight spouting blood all over the freeway. But I’m certainly going to be paying more attention to this game as it comes along.

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