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Dream Police #1: They Live Inside Your Head

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Joe Thursday and Frank Standford are tough seasoned detectives, keeping The Dreamscape safe for our dreaming pleasure in Dream Police #1 by J. Michael Straczynski and Sid Kotian.


Dream Police #1 cover via

Dream Police #1
Writer: J. Michael Straczynski
Artist: Sid Kotian
 Cover Artist:Sid Kotian
 Publisher: IDW
 Release Date: April 30th 2014

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The Dreamscape, a world where we go to dream, can be a tough place to keep in order. Many different people make our peaceful dreams, well peaceful. Arcitects, Shapers, Changelings and of course Nightmares. But one group is the real order keeper of our dreams, the Dream Police. They’re there to make sure dreams are acted out as they are intended to be, whether that’s through peaceful means or not is up to the assailant. Although most cases Joe and Frank get are usually resolved by some good old fashion threatening, sometime the heavy guns are called upon. The Nightmares. Dapper blokes who can unleash unspeakable horrors upon their targets—good guys to have as backup, and so polite.

In a world where nothing is what it seems and everything is a matter of perception, you know twists and turns will be plentiful. Dreamscape is worth finding more about, as well as Joe Thursday and his partner. It’s fun watching this cop drama turn sci fi and back again in the span of a page. Plus the little cliffhanger at the end will definitely have you marking your calenders for the next issue.

[Editor’s note: If you are looking for more crime action in a dream-like setting, check out Image’s title Sex Criminals. Fraction and Zdarsky are killing it.]

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