Dream Killer Is Announced, Concept Sounds Awesome

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I have a soft spot for games that try for an original concept. Maybe it’s why I’ve been more forgiving on games like Mirror’s Edge and Assassin’s Creed, but I’m willing to give something a chance if it’s something different. So it might up being the same with Dream Killer, a game announced today by Mindware. Now the first good thing is that this is the same team that worked on Painkiller, a crazy game with crazy weapons but was also fun at the same time. The second good thing is the concept, which sounds like a more violent Psychonauts but as an FPS.

In the game, psychologist Alice Drake goes inside her patient’s minds to try and cure them of their own inner demons. From what the screenshots show, we can expect a variety of crazy and twisted worlds inside people’s heads. It will also apparently feature over the top weapons, which isn’t surprising given that the game is from the developers of Painkiller. It could be shit, but it could also be one of those more underlooked games that ends up being cheap but quite fun. It’s out in October on Xbox 360 and PC  (sorry PS3 owners) and you can find the screenshots on Shacknews, since they watermarked their screenshots, the cunts.

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