Alan Smithee

Dream Build Play Challenger – Inferus

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I just stumbled upon this video for one of the games that has been entered into the Dream Build Play Challenge that looks amazing like a cross between Strider and Castlevania in gameplay. It does my heart good to see that people are still trying to keep 2D gaming alive.

According to the author’s website, the main plot of the game takes place in ‘The City’ in which we find our hero Aram, an architect turned thief who uses the money he makes from stealing to buy medicine for his ailing daughter, being thrown into a cavernous prison that he has a chance of escaping if he keeps his wits about him. The designer describes the game as a fusion between Prince of Persia and Castlevania (rightfully so I think), and offers the game on PC as well as on the Xbox 360.

It’s amazing that some of these independent games are actually of a better quality it seems that a good 40% of what we all consider good at the moment.

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