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Dragon Age II Demo Soon

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In advance of the full title coming out on March 8th, BioWare is giving PC gamers a chance to try it before they buy it on the 23rd of this month…unless you work at GameStop.

If you’re one of the brave souls that can stand working for the retail giant and haven’t driven yourself insane with all of the crack and meth addicts trading in stolen goods or from the elitist gamers that get pissed off when you’re required to push the Edge cards or the Game Informer issues, it’ll pay off a little.

You see, BioWare and GameStop want the employees to be well versed and ready to SELL SELL SELL when the game finally comes out so they’re offering downloads of the game demo for employees on the 11th, an almost 2 week head start on the rest of the gaming populace. Guess there are perks to the job after all. If you happen to have friends who work for G$ and want to play the game early, you’d better start sucking up now.

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