Dragon Age 2 gets a day-one texture pack for the PC

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It seems a little odd to offer up a high resolution texture pack on a game’s release day, but Bioware is doing it right now. It makes you wonder why these textures weren’t just included in the retail release of the PC version of Dragon Age 2, but I guess maybe it helps people run the game on lesser machines. I guess it’s cool they are giving people with high-end rigs the opportunity to enjoy something a little fancier, but it still just does make me wonder… if you have nicer textures, why not just use them to begin with and let the users scale the game according to their tastes? Anyway, the high resolution texture pack is available right now for your crisp adventuring needs. You can grab it here and enjoy the highest quality textures as soon as you take Dragon Age 2 out of the box. It looks like you’ll need over 1 gigabyte of space on your hard drive, at least 1 gigabyte of video RAM, and Bioware is recommending you have DirectX 11. Now go get your awkward game-sex on with a high-resolution character of the opposite sex… or one of the same sex if that’s your thing.

I can’t wait to play through this game, even if it’s only on my now extra-lower-res PS3!

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