Ryan Wilson

Dragon Age 2? Already?

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Bioware has confirmed today that the sequel to Dragon Age: Origins, known as Dragon Age 2 at least for the time being, is under development already. While I’d much rather prefer another expansion to the game rather than a full blown sequel, I must say their claimed changes are worth a further look. Besides the always expected new storyline and improved graphics, Dragon Age 2 is said to feature a more dynamic and responsive combat system (and by dynamic I hope they mean “less dumbed down”)

Dragon Age 2 will tell the story of Hawke, a poor runaway who in ten years (yes, the game will take place over the span of ten years) will rise to greatness or infamy. Pretty cookie cutter, character-wise, but I trust Bioware to put more depth into it.

Expect the next chapter in the world of Dragon Age in March of 2011 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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