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Dracula: The Company of Monsters #8 – Review

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I swore off reading or watching anything with vampires in it forever since it seemed to be the IN thing to do but after picking up the latest issue of this book I’m cured! I guess you can chalk this up as another BOOM! Studios book that I really should have been reading the entire run of.

I can always tell if I’m getting sucked into a series if I pick up the latest issue and after reading it, I find myself compelled to return to the comic store to pick up the past issue or issues. Dracula: The Company of Monsters made me do just that. I’m really beginning to kick myself in the ass for not taking more chances in the comic store because I really haven’t been let down by anything from BOOM! yet.

To catch you up on the story, our protagonist Evan Barrington-Cabot is currently in the middle of three different groups of people who want him to join. First, you have Dracula…THE Dracula who wants Evan to be CEO of his megacorporation that wants to buy his family’s business. Second, you have Evan’s family who have been hijacked by Evan’s uncle who has become another ‘head vampire’ much like Dracula. Third, you have a group of Romanian vampire hunters who could use Evan’s expertise and resources to track down and kill all vampires.

I hope you’re sufficiently confused at this point…because that’s how I was when I started reading this. Don’t get me wrong, Kurt Busiek makes a damn fine story, but the book really could have used a ‘previously in’ page that would help catch neophytes like me up to the current story. Regardless, even if you haven’t picked up the previous issues, the actual writer for the issues, Daryl Gregory, does a great job making sure you’re not totally lost on what is happening.

The artwork by Scott Godlewski is really great throughout the entire comic, with my favorite pages being the ones where Evan is stuck out in the rain and is obviously pissed that his own mother is now a servant vampire to his uncle, the lead vampire. The first few pages of the comic that pick up after last month’s cliffhanger show the truly horrific side of these monsters. So in the art department, Mr. Godlewski really deserves a big thumbs up for this issue.

STORY: 80%
ART: 92%

I don’t know if it’s the idea of three different factions vying for the control of Evan, or maybe the inclusion of big business that makes me really enjoy this book…but it’s a great read from cover to cover and should have you going out to pick up the series’ first 4 issue TPB, and the other three issues before this one.

Coming from a guy who has some serious vampire fatigue, this book is right up your alley when it comes to rekindling the love for a modern telling of classic monster literature.

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