Dr. Who #8 – Mini Review

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I want to get something out of the way right now, I don’t like Dr. Who. Never have, likely never will. I love British comedies and distinctly remember the first time I gave the Dr. Who television show a shot. Wow it was horrible, every time thereafter that I tried to watch I just couldn’t do it. The horrible costumes, magical screwdriver and the Tardis just confuse me. I know that I likely just don’t “get it” and all sorts of Who lovers will yell at me. That’s okay, I still am not a fan.

With that said you might imagine I went into issue 8 of the current Dr. Who comic with a few preconceptions but it didn’t matter. The story for this issue involves the good doctor and his friends somehow multiplied into 12 different versions of themselves. Unfortunately the 12 different versions all look like they were dressed from the Barbie and Ken costume collection, either that or its the Dr. Who version of the Spice Girls.

So knowing I’m not a fan of Who, this just helped to reinforce my feelings. The story has the multiple Whos fighting multiple rock looking people (also outfitted by the Barbie and Ken collection) and a dinosaur that can talk. Overall it felt much like other Who stories, a bit convoluted and nonsensical. If you are a fan I am sure you will have a different take than I, but this comic did not help to heal any of my bad Who-feelings.



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