Don’t get too excited, but Telltale just got the licence for Jurassic Park and BTTF games

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Well this has certainly come out of the blue. Telltale Games, the same people who have brought adventure games back from the dead, revealed in the July issue of Game Informer that they have struck a deal with NBC Universal to produce games based on their IPs. Telltale will be kicking the party off with a full season of Jurassic Park, similar to the episodic structure used in their other adventure series. No specifics, but we can expect the first episode later this year.

If that wasn’t enough to give you a rock hard boner, then Telltale has now also revealed that they will be also be producing a series of episodic games based on the Back to the Future Trilogy. Again, no specifics but is definitely in the works.

After seeing what Telltale did with the Sam and Max and Monkey Island franchises, it’s hard not to be excited about this. What may seem a strange choice at first soon makes sense, as both franchises will lend themselves well to the adventure game genre. Now lets just hope that Jeff Goldblum, Christopher Lloyd and Michael J.Fox return to voice their respective roles. A bit of Biff wouldn’t hurt either.

Sources: Game Informer , Develop

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