Alan Smithee

Don’t Fear, Google is NOT Making Skynet

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Google recently bought a few companies that have hand in creating robotics that mimic the human form, and with their last robotics company (Boston Dynamics), they’re second to the Pentagon in researching and creating robots.


Well earlier this week, they purchased a company called DeepMind who is known in the tech industry as makers and researchers of AI (Artificial Intelligence). Many people jumped to their blogs immediately and started speculating that Google was planning on building the first Terminator but more level headed industry insiders quickly put that fear to rest.

It seems that the acquisition has more to do with Google’s search functions and smarter recommendation systems for online commerce. The people absorbed by Google will be reporting to Jeff Dean, Google’s search engine guru not Andy Rubin who is the man in charge of the robotics programs.

So don’t worry, it’s not Skynet…yet.


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