Alan Smithee

Don’t Cancel Your Netflix Yet

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For those of you threatening to cancel your accounts, hold off until you hear about the actual good news coming from Netflix this week.

First off, they’ve signed a huge deal with Discovery Communications for all of their past season shows meaning that we’re going to be getting episodes of many of the popular shows on stations like Animal Planet, TLC, Science Channel, Military Channel, and of course Discovery itself. They won’t be making any of the current season shows available, so no catching up to broadcast just yet…but hey I could watch every episode of Man vs Wild now!

Also coming to Netflix streaming is the catalog of films and shows from Dreamworks Animation Studios!

Instead of going with cable channels and pay television they’ve decided to go with Netflix. They’re going to be bringing their shows and movies to the service in an unprecedented move that might shake Hollywood loose of their inability to adapt to new media.

I know that with them losing Starz and their derp of an apology last week many of us have soured to the ways of Netflix, but at least there are silver linings to these troubling clouds. I think I’ll stick around for a little longer.

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