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Donate to the 2011 J-Pop Festival’s Kickstarter Page, Get Swag

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It’s a win/win situation isn’t it? I mean, they’re not just asking for free money without giving you something in return. Seriously, if I were a San Francisco native, I’d be attending New People’s J-Pop Festival just to pick up the deliciously sweet crossover toy MIKU-KITTY.

The Kickstarter is hoping to raise approximately 10k to not only raise awareness of the event, but to help cover the expenses of expanding the festival to a second day (not bad for the 3rd year of the festival), all while keeping the event absolutely FREE for all those who wish to attend next month on the 27th (sat) and 28th (sun).

For $20 pledged to the funding, you’ll secure yourself a General Pass for the VIP After Party on the 27th where you’ll be given a novelty keychain featuring Miku-Kitty as a gift for your donation.

Those that feel especially generous and pledge $100 to the festival will be given a VIP pass to the VIP After Party which will grant you exclusive access to the VIP Lounge where you’ll have photo ops with many celebrities and guests visiting from Japan…oh and you’ll get a special limited edition Miku-Kitty novelty keychain as a gift for donating.

To check out the lineup and what else you can expect from the event, head over to Make sure you let them know that WPR sent you!

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