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Domo in the World – Mini Review

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When I think of children’s board books, you know the ones made from that much thicker and rigid material than paper (the kind that a kid has to actively decide to destroy), I never thought I’d ever include the words Japanese mascot and haiku in the review.

NOTE – You have no idea how hard it is to review a kid’s book that probably has less words in its entirety than in the following paragraphs.

Call me crazy, but I have a serious weak spot in my heart for all things Domo. I’ve got a keychain featuring his visage and about six other various plush incarnations of the fuzzy and always grinning mascot, and now I have a book that I can share with my kids or better yet, keep to myself.

The book isn’t what you’d expect from a seemingly innocuous children’s book, in fact it blows a good 90% of all the other board books I’ve been forced to be an aficionado of over the last three years of being a new dad. The 32 page picture book has approximately 21 photos of Domo making a whimsical trip throughout the world and the various holidays we all celebrate accompanied by a relevant haiku.

Honestly, I’ve spent much more than this book costs for much less in the terms of quality and fun, but to really sell it to my wife as something that our daughters absolutely needed in their library I only had to show her the cover. Seriously, you couldn’t ask for a better way to introduce your kids to the art of haiku and to the strangely appealing world of Japanese mascots.

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