Alan Smithee

DoD Approving iOS/Galaxy Devices

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DoD SealA great deal of you will see this headline and think to yourself, “so what?” Let me put it best I can. Remember how there was HD-DVD versus Blu-ray? This is that battle just with smartphones.

I would have went with the Betamax versus VHS fight, but I don’t think anyone else on this website would go with such a dated piece of hardware.

This is important because the DoD was essentially keeping Blackberry alive all of these years. If they’re going to be adopting the iOS and Android architecture to their approved devices, I think we’re going to be seeing a relatively fast end for Blackberry (aka Research-in-motion, aka RIM).

Many others reading this don’t realize the layer upon layer of red-tape that the DoD has when it comes to getting new tech. The new version of the Galaxy S4 they’re being sold by Samsung won’t be coming into service for about a year at the earliest. Again, maybe not that important to some, but this should be the wake-up kick in the ass that RIM needs to realize they’re on the brink.


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