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The Doctors were in … Salt lake City.

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Doctors 6 Colin Baker, and 8 Paul Mcgann were in Salt Lake City for Salt Lake Comic Con, and this is one Doctor Who geek that was very excited to have the opportunity to meet them, and hear them talk about their time in the TARDIS.  Before I had the chance to meet with and talk to these gentlemen I sat in on their panel where they recounted how much they enjoyed their time playing The Doctor.  They were also quick to remind everyone that they have continued their roles through the Big Finish audio dramas.  I would take a moment here to encourage every Who fan to check these out, they are spectacular.  They recalled stories and shared experiences, and gave their thoughts on Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi.  Watching these two on stage reminded me of a classic vaudeville act, it was good for the inner time-lord to watch.

Sorry about the quality of these interviews, I was focused on staying cool, and thinking of what on earth to say and wasn’t actually looking at the camera to check the focus.   So I give you, two slightly out of focus, brief interviews.

Paul Mcgann

Colin Baker

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