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Doctor Who: The Name of The Doctor

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nameofthedoctorDo you hear the whisper men?  The whisper men are near. If you hear the whisper men, then turn away your ear.  Do not hear the whisper men whatever else you do, for once you’ve heard the whisper men, they’ll stop and look at you.

thewhispermenOne minute and forty seconds and this episode of Doctor Who literally had me making some very unnatural sounds and dancing in a very peculiar manner.  On a side note, I really do need to remember to close my front window and shut the blinds before watching this show.  If you, like everyone else in the universe, has been wondering what the deal is with Clara, you just got your answer, well, sort of.  We got a big piece of the puzzle, well we got like 8 pieces, that make us wonder if we really know what kind of puzzle we were working on in the first place but I’ll be damned if I’ve been this excited before the title sequence has even started in a long time.  At this point, I’ll go ahead and say this is best episode of the best show in the history of shows.  Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to stop writing and finish watching.

RiversongNow that I’ve finished watching the episode, Steven Moffat is a mad genius that just played this fanboy like a puppet, and I love it.  His departure next season will be met with cries of despair from the wild things, much like when Richard T. Davies left.  Saul Metzstein, who also directed Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, A Town Called Mercy, The Snowmen, and The Crimson Horror, directed this episode.  The direction here was superb but I don’t know what else I expected, Saul Metzstein is a reliable veteran.  I don’t really know what to say about the performances without giving anything away, but I will say they were powerful, and surgically executed.  It is rare, to say the least, that I literally applaud anything other than a live performance, but here I literally did applaud a few moments.  At those moments, I was glad to be alone in the room it looked a bit silly.

I will not recap this episode; to disclose anything would be a complete disservice to anyone that has not seen this.  You will find no spoilers here.  I will only say this episode will be immensely enjoyed by long time fans, newer fans, with no long term attachment to the first 8 doctors will definitely be amused, but may not dancing about pointing at the screen like I was.

I will keep this mercifully brief, mostly so I can stop writing and watch this again with my wife.  I give The Name of The Doctor 12 out of 11 Doctors, and 1 very River Song.





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