Doctor Who Series 6, Episode 3 – The Curse Of The Black Spot

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This week’s episode of Doctor Who sees the Doctor, Amy and Rory land inside a pirate ship. This isn’t any normal pirate ship though, as its crew are one by one being picked off by “The Curse Of The Black Spot”. May contain some spoilers, sweetie.

To be honest, this episode just didn’t really grip me, possibly because not a lot happened. I’m even struggling to think of anything interesting to write about it. Well, I guess I’ll start with The Siren. This is the “villian” of this week’s episode, who preys on the weak and uses her voice to compel them to join together with her. My problem was that she just wasn’t very interesting. For one she has no dialogue whatsoever, unless you count ahhhhAHHHHHuhhhhh as dialogue. This gives her no character that could be developed on, simply because she never says anything.

We don’t even see her that much, because she only appears when there’s a reflection. At the end of the episode we find out her true motivations, but it just felt like a complete cop out to me. It’s one of those problems in filler Doctor Who episodes where they have to make the villain not a villain. Because of this, the plot of the episode amounts to nothing more than “This chick keeps taking people, how do we stop her”. Most of the episode is just conversations which don’t add much to the overall story arc.

As for our main characters, we have our usual Doctor, Amy and Rory and we also have the Captain of the ship and later, his son. His son was a stowaway on the ship after his mother died, and thinks his father is a Navy man. It’s one of those overdone plot cliches where two people meet after a long time and one is not who the other thinks they are. Then we get that moment where the two of them argue over this, before eventually they come to a mutual understanding and everything is all sunshine and rainbows. Speaking of them, they take awfully well to a strange man turning up in a blue phonebox that’s bigger in the inside. That’s another thing that’s always bugged me about Doctor Who. If a Time Lord just dropped outside my front door and all of this sci-fi madness started happening, I’d probably wonder who had spiked my drink. However characters in the show just seem to go along with it after about 5 minutes.

As for the others, we don’t get any more details on them at all. There’s a foreshadowing to the Doctor’s death we see in episode 1 and Amy sees the strange woman from the Orphanage again, but that’s it. The episode ends with the Doctor once again looking at the monitor saying that Amy is both pregnant and not pregnant, but it hasn’t been anymore further developed since the last episode.

Overall, this was the very definition of a filler episode. It was entertaining, don’t get me wrong, but it doesn’t advance any of the overall plot and will ultimately be forgotten in the larger scale of things. Next week’s episode looks a lot more exciting though.

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