Doctor Who Series 6, Episode 2 – Day Of The Moon

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The conclusion to The Impossible Astronaut, where The Doctor and crew have to save the world from an occupation that’s lasted thousands of years. May contain some spoilers, sweetie.

Hitting on the negatives first, I was very disappointed with the reveal of the Silence. You see, all throughout series 5, enemies of The Doctor kept referring to the Silence as some grave threat that was eating up the universe. The whole of the finale of this series appeared to deal with the problem, yet it is finally revealed in this episode that the Silence are in fact these Slenderman type aliens occupying Earth. All that build up and the Silence were explained in five minutes with no one mentioning it again after. That being said, they didn’t explain the phrase “Silence will fall” and they are meant to reappear later in the series, but to just casually drop what was a huge plot device just seemed a little lazy.

Another problem I had was the way in this episode that it seemed like no one could stay in the same place at once. From the beginning to just before the end, locations kept jumping all over the place, with little explanation inbetween each scene. The only time the episode slowed down to let us process information and catch a breath was when Canton and Amy were looking for the little girl. For example the whole opening was confusing for the first five minutes, and even then it left me asking questions about how Canton was able to blend in like he hadn’t seen the Silence and how Nixon, despite being nowhere nearby when they find the Silence in the first episode, also wasn’t affected. I guess nothing can stop you when you’re Nixon though. Except for maybe a political scandal. I guess what I’m trying to say is that it the editing was a little below the usual quality this episode.

Speaking of the little girl, what I did like about this episode was how they kept with the “mystery horror” theme. Even though it’s pretty predictable, the whole sequence in the orphanage was great, aside from Moffat not explaining how exactly Amy was taken. Another thing I like about Moffat’s Who is that, for the main plot devices at least, he’s very vague about it, but he leaves enough hints so that we can start guessing what’s going to happen in the future. I mean, Amy looked like she was trapped in the same spaceship type thing that was in an episode in the previous series. You know, the one with unfunnyman James Cordon. It’s too much of a coincidence.

The little girl looks like she’s going to be a big part of this series of Doctor Who too. Of course there’s the obvious part at the end, when she starts regenerating. My theory at the moment is that it’s a young Riversong, but then that seems too obvious. I definitely don’t think it’s Amy kid though. The Silence themselves were again a very creepy enemy for the Doctor, especially the idea that no one’s aware of their existence but yet they’ve been pulling the strings on Earth for millennia. I’d much rather have more original enemies than say, the Daleks again. Besides, the likes of the Silence and the Statues are infinitely more interesting.

Finally, I have to mention how much I like Riversong’s character again. She may be a smartarse, but she’s not too much of a smartarse that she’s annoying, plus some of the best moments still come from her flirty relationship with The Doctor. The idea that her being bad arouses The Doctor gave me an immature giggle too. No doubt we won’t have seen the last of her after she has a moment with The Doctor before being locked back up.

Day Of The Moon wasn’t as good as the first episode, but I’ll give Moffat the benefit of the doubt that he had to wrap things up and that this was only the opening double episode. I did feel the ending was reasonable and pretty clever on The Doctor’s part, even if it was a little Deus Ex Machina. We’ve also gotten the potential plot points for this series and the platform to kick things off properly. Hopefully the next few episodes won’t just be filler.


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