Doctor Who RPG Cover Revealed Along With Release Date, But Does Anyone Care?

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I had completely forgotten that there was a Doctor Who RPG coming out and I’m probably not the only one. After all it was a pretty low key announcement and we hadn’t heard anything about it since it was announced. Not even any screenshots or a teaser trailer. Despite this there’s finally some more information on the game, even though it’s still hardly anything useful. Firstly, there’s box art for the game, which shows the Doctor with his Tardis along with classic enemies the Daleks, the Cybermen and some obscure looking enemy behind him. Interestingly, the box art is David Tennant’s Doctor. Of course this box art could change and David Tennant doesn’t leave as Who till next year, but it does seem to confirm that the Doctor in the game will be the 10th doctor. It also doesn’t show an assistant, which is strange considering that the assistant is a key part of any Doctor.

The other piece of information was that the games comes out in October this year, which seems a bit too soon considering that we haven’t seen anything at all. Of course, ultimately, this game probably won’t be much. It’s coming from an unheard of developer and there aren’t even any announced formats. Combine this with the fact that the only other Doctor Who games have been an obscure PC game from the 90s and a Top Trumps game and there’s not much hope for this game.  Still, it’s one of the last pieces of Doctor Who we’ll get before David Tennant is replaced by that smug looking prick Matt Smith. The box art is below.

(update: It seems like it’s a pen and paper game. Considering it came from VG press, I assumed that it was VG related. Anyone interested in it in that case?)


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