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Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time issues 1-6 [Review]

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NOV120348_mDoctor Who: Prisoners of Time starts when a mysterious time traveler identifies the Doctor as a threat, or a personal enemy and is intent on isolating the doctor. The motives at this point are still unclear, however enough as been revealed to be tantalizing, and just about any fan will have their own theories by now.  This mysterious cloaked time traveler has been systematically kidnapping the Doctor’s companions from his timeline.  Each issue, of this 12-issue run, will follow a short adventure of each incarnation of the doctor along with his companion, ending with the capture of said companion.  Each adventure is not, in and of itself, directly related to the overall plot linking these issues together; they are nonetheless highly enjoyable.

This series is perfect for long time fans and new fans alike.  In fact, I would highly recommend this series to new fans as it serves as a very manageable introduction to each doctor.  They have, covered up through the sixth doctor, thus far.

I must offer a tip of my proverbial virtual hat to writers David and Scott Tipton.  The hours of study to capture the unique speech patterns of each doctor in order to reproduce it here is magnificent.

I’m sure there weren’t quite the hours of study that I imagine, but I like to think of it as a labor of love and dedication, because that is precisely how it feels to me, as a lifelong fan.  I would also be remiss in my duties not to mention the wonderful art presented by Simon Fraser, Lee Sullivan, Mike Collins, Gary Erskine, Philip Bond,

John Ridgway, Kev Hopgood, and Roger Langridge.  It is every bit a faithful, and beautiful reproduction of each era of the show, which many of us are so familiar. This made the books as pleasing to view, as they were to read.  I’m not sure who the inker(s) were but it is very well traced.

These issues started with the first release in January, and will conclude in December, after the 50th special, and possibly this year’s Christmas special as well.  I don’t believe this series ties directly into these specials, however, there may be a bit of crossover, I look forward to finding out if that is the case.  I believe these are due to release at the end of each month; I would highly recommend making a special trip to pick this IDW title up.

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