Kyle J. Steenblik

Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time #7 [Review]

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STK612586This issue pits The Doctor (#7) and his companion, Ace, against his longtime archenemy The Master.  So far, in this series this is the first issue that I finished and was immediately disappointed, not because it was bad, but because it was too short.  I’ve always loved the The Master, and I was extraordinarily happy to see him show up in the previous issue, and happier still to see his role in this issue.  Now I can only hope he continues his involvement in the overall larger plot in the upcoming issues.

The artwork and the writing have remained steady, and if you are following this series there is nothing new to report there.  The pace of the story did take a turn.  It appears we are now in the falling action leading up to the conclusion, due in December.

I am really enjoying this series, and I will continue to recommend this to anyone anticipating the upcoming 50th anniversary special.  This series published by IDW and can be found in your local comic shop, which you should visit regularly, they get lonely.


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