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Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time Issues 11 – 12

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idw-publishing-doctor-who-prisoners-of-time-issue-11The Doctor’s final confrontation with his persistent enemy leaves him with choices he would rather not make, so he doesn’t.

Doctor Who: Prisoners of Time

Written by Scott & David Tipton

Issue 11 art by: Matthew Dow Smith

Issue 12 art by: Kelly Yates

Publisher: IDW

Price: $3.99


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These two issues wrap up a fascinating ball of wibbly wobbly timey wimey story lines.  To say I enjoyed these 12 issues would be an understatement.  I felt issue 11 captures the Eleventh Doctor fantastically.  Issue 12, was a fanatics wonderland, and I immediately DW_Prisners12-cvrAre-read it.  I felt the conclusion was inevitable, as most Doctor Who endings are.  The path we take to arrive at that inevitable ending is what makes the look back on the journey worth it all.

I would normally wrap up the basic plot of these issues here.  This time I won’t.  If you have not read the previous ten issues, anything I say here would make little sense, and ruin some marvelous surprises.  I will say, issue 11 sees the Eleventh Doctor lose a companion at the end of an unrelated and unseen adventure.  After that, he dedicates his time to putting an end to the assault on his timeline.  If I say anything more, well… spoilers.

The artwork of issue 11 is my favorite of the series.  It is contrasty and moody, and fits Eleven very well.  The artwork in issue 12 was vibrant and well suited to the climax of the series.  The writing remains strong through the end.  This story arc is over, I wish it wasn’t.  It was a marvelous journey through the past 50 years of adventures.  I will re-read this series, and will likely purchase a nice copy when it is released.  I highly recommend Prisoners of Time to any fan of The Doctor.

Issue 11 gets a 9 of 10

Issue 12 I will give a timey wimey 10

I give the series 11 out of 12 doctors.

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