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Doctor? Doctor who?

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Yes, we have a new Doctor, again.  What I have read from many new fans this is so horrible; the show itself may be in jeopardy of losing nearly half its audience.  That or they are just so new they forget that this has happened more than once, and it is good.

Now calm down, this is going to be fine.  I have been consumed by my love for this how for a long time.  I came to terms with the doctor changing faces when I was a child.  It’s natural, The Doctor is not any one actor, and the character is too big for any single actor, no matter how fantastic they are.

I will say this, to you troubled viewers, and it doesn’t ever get easier.  We would all love our favorites to stick around forever, but they cannot, and you would not like it if they did.  Back in the dark times, the fire of the doctor was allowed to linger, and it weakened with each passing episode.  We had a familiar face, fun stories, but none of the fire you see now.  This is why the show works so well today.  Be happy, it will be a splendid ride.

So who is it?  What do you live under some kind of rock?

Peter Capaldi

If you missed the televised announcement, here is the announcement itself.

Now point two, Peter who?  If you are not familiar with him, you do not watch much British television.  That’s OK; I will not fault you for your lack of taste.  However, perhaps you should rethink your television viewing habits.  I will spare you another retelling of his credits.  Instead, what I will do is assure you that he will be just fine.  He is a capable actor, a long time fan of Doctor Who, and he is Scottish.  He is far more seasoned than Matt Smith was; he has more to his name than David Tennant did when he took over the role.  It will be just fine and sometime next year he will be our doctor.  If you have doubts, please, partake of the samples below, and after that, if you still have doubts, you are a silly, silly person.
A “best of” compilation of clips of Malcolm Tucker (Peter Capaldi) from “The Thick Of It.”

Great clip from the urban fantasy series Neverwhere starring Peter Capaldi.


And from Doctor Who: The Fires of Pompeii


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