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Do you play games on your Kindle?

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This is a legitimate question. I have an Amazon Kindle. I realize that it is quickly becoming an obsolete device in terms of tablet computing getting better all the time. As well as, Android and iOS having just as good, if not better, at mobile reading. But the Kindle is an interesting device and interesting enough a lot of that has to do with gaming.

I won’t lie. Some of the first purchases I made on my Kindle were games. I mean who doesn’t automatically try to find gaming on whatever device they get? Yeah, I bought it mainly to replace my mountains of books that I’m tired of storing and hauling around, but the idea of gaming on a device that using far less electricity was somehow appealing to me. The store offers many games. Mostly, playing to the Kindle’s strengths. Such as, not graphically intense, looks good in black and white, not always in real time. My favorite of the many that I tried was Slingo which as the name implies, is a cross between a slot machine game and bingo.

I bought the game mostly on nostalgia, growing up on AOL I used to play live games of Slingo daily. I quickly became addicted to the random luck and “one more pull” gameplay that i provides. It uses the five way button pretty well and it is fast and quick to play. It doesn’t take much battery and can be a nice little break from reading the latest and greatest on your device.

There are a lot of other games, many of which are free, that I haven’t tried yet. I mean how many copies of Black Jack or Solitare does one person need? Which begs the question, do we really need all of our devices to be gaming devices?

I play all kinds of games on all kinds of platforms, but sometimes I think I get distracted and fall into money traps on buying games that I don’t need. I’m also not entirely sold on it being the most conductive platform to play games on. I mean it is a great reading device sure, but would you play Tetris on the Kindle when you could have just as easily played that on your phone or Game Boy?

I guess it all comes down to preference. When looking at the Amazon Best Sellers list, most of the “Kindle” products come up as games. So, maybe there is a method to the madness.

What do you guys think?

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