James Helsby

Do we really need a Peter Pan origin story?

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“The boy who never grew up,” basically summerizes all we need to know about the back ground to Peter Pan. While more description might exist in the book, I really dislike turn-of-the-century literature, and so haven’t read it.

The J. M Barrie novelization of Peter Pan and Wendy has been turned into countless theatrical releases and live theater productions. And probably about a ba-gillion elementary school plays that perhaps are the highlight of a young actors life.

Now, take that childhood moment of joy, watching your kids acting their hearts out, and insert Channing Tatum (GI Joe) into the part of Peter Pan. Kinda gets a little disturbing, right? I mean, is Channing Tatum a child? no. I would have an easier time believing he was a child…molester.

Well, Tatum has been attached to a new origin story of the boy who never grew up, tenatively titled ‘Peter Pan Begins.’

I think I am getting a little sick of the over simplification of titles, or perhaps an overly descriptive title. I mean, think Snakes on a p’lane;’ you know exactly what you are going to be getting with the movie.

But does Peter Pan really appeal to the hip young audience of today?


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