Dissidia, a Misdirected Idea

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I’m going on record here stating that I am ready for the scopes of Final Fantasy fan boys and girls Hate Guns to be aimed at my head.  After sighting the opening cinematic, my hopes for this fighting game that harnesses characters usually taking turns of taking and inflicting pain.  Wonderful visuals, colorful characters, intense combat, and an amazing storyline.  But, I got into the actual game.  I dare not bash this game, because I find very few things wrong with Dissidia: Final Fantasy.  In my honest and humbled opinion, Dissidia: FF, should not have been created as a video game but rather an animated full length film.

A few changes and I could see this as a movie poster...

A few changes and I could see this as a movie poster…

The greatest, and possibly the worst, found within Dissidia is the potential for sequels.  Sequels that would span across other video game series and anime series.  Like I said, that is the worst as well as the best part since think of the mockeries that could be committed against great characters.  How humiliating would it be to suffer a loss as you took control as Sephiroth sparring against Roll from the Megaman games?  That is definitely a worst case scenario, but what about the great possibilities?  The Guyver, Brutal Legend, Marvel/DC super heroes, Inuyasha, Guts from the Berserk series, and so many more to list off its insane!  Sadly, if this becomes the case, be prepared to see at least Goku if not other fighters from Dragon Ball Z/GT.  The game already have a transformation similar to going super saiyan.

It is quite odd to see the likes of Cecil the Dark Knight/Paladin and Terra from FFIV, fighting in live combat rather than a sadistic form of Tennis.  Dissidia’s battles take place in a wide variety of grounds ready to be destroyed and spill EX force from your opponent’s body.  Now, the general concept of winning a battle is quite simple but carrying out this two step plan is a challenge unto itself.  You have two forms of attack, one that steals Bravery (needed to inflict actual pain) while the other takes away health.  To win each battle, you need to have as much Bravery as needed so that you can deal high amounts of physical pain to your foe.  Things get complicated since each fighter has his/her own unique style of fighting, some are better at close range combat while others fair better while in mid-air.  Not only will you have to adjust to that fighting style, you will also be prepared to think on your feet as the opposing fighter will have his/her own fighting style that can cause you to defenestrate your original plan of beat to a pulp and then finish off with a single attack.  My advice, read about each fighter’s style, test out the fighter in a quick battle, and make your decision on whether this guy will match the way you want to play the game.

You will want to play this game for at least one of two reasons.  First, there’s the easy controls that allow nearly anyone to survive almost any battle they are thrown into.  If you can collect enough EX force and cores, you can enter into EX Mode.  EX Mode is similar to going Super Saiyan.  You get a huge boost in power and your next health damaging attack allows you to perform an EX Burst.  Think a super attack dealing a large amount of damage and is unavoidable once it has started, the only thing you can do if you are facing the business end of an EX Burst is tap the circle button repeatedly and decrease the amount of damage you will take by a small percentage.  The other reason being the game’s detailed and well made story.  Watch and listen how some of the most odd heroes turn out to be good friends and how each chapter ends.  If it isn’t obvious from the start, each chapter ends with the protagonist fighting the Chaos soldier he is directly connected to (Cloud to Sephirtoh, Cecil to Golbez, and so on).  Along the way, heroes and villains from other games will butt heads and either result in a legendary battle or end with a puzzling conversation.  Either way, you will rarely find yourself even thinking about skipping every cut scene you come across.

Another part you won’t be skipping is playing nearly every day of the week.  A very intriguing idea, one that hopefully will be picked up by other games, keeps me coming back for more.  By checking the Mognet, you can see what gifts you will be awarded throughout the week.  At first, you won’t be given much.  But, after a few trips to the PP Catalog, then you will see days that will award you bonus XP just for playing the game on that specific day.  One day you can always rely on is your Bonus Day!  You pick one day out of the week to be your favorite day and you will be showered with prizes that day.  To think of what this idea could bring about, not just holiday events on MMORPG’s, with just a little thinking outside the box and using a weekly calendar.  Gamers could use special weapons, pick up more money, have access to unique vehicles all just because they played their favorite game on their favorite day of the week.  What a wonderful world we will live in, if that day ever comes around.

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