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Disney’s Awesome New Star Wars Rebels Trailer has Arrived

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Your Jedi training begins now…

Disney has released a brand-spanking new trailer for Star Wars Rebels, and it’s making my inner Star Wars super nerd all tingly inside. Team Mickey unveiled the new footage at it’s SDCC panel and to say it’s got the DNA of the original trilogy all over it would be an understatement. Star Wars Rebels really does look like it fully plans on embracing the look and feel of the classic films, which, lets be honest, is exactly what the all new things in the Star Wars franchise needed to do. Set five years before A New Hope, Rebels will focus on a small band of unlikely heroes (and Jedi) as they fight the good fight against the Galactic Empire and attempt to start a galaxy wide rebellion. It also seems we can expect our new set of heroes to get help from some familiar faces, which is good because they will be going up against the Empire we all know and love at the height of it’s evil reign (which will be an immediate improvement over anything from the prequels or Clone Wars Cartoon). Hopefully this also means Darth Vader will be showing up from time to time, making life difficult for anyone not holding a red lightsaber. Either way, I’m starting to get real excited for this first taste of Disney’s take on a galaxy far, far away. But what do you think? Take a peek at the trailer and let us know if you think Star Wars Rebels is a step in the right direction, or are you still mad Clone Wars got canceled. Sound off!!

Star Wars Rebels hour-long premiere will air this October on Disney XD

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