Disney bails out of Yellow Submarine remake

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Even Disney are getting sick of Zemeckis’ motion capture CGI madness. Sources of The Hollywood Reporter are saying that the corporation have backed out of Robert Zemeckis’ planned remake of Yellow Submarine, the 1968 animated film based on the music of the Fab Four. The final nail in the coffin for Disney has come from the poor performance of the Zemeckis produced Mars Needs Moms, which has only grossed about $6.9 million since its release, when the film itself cost $150 million to make.

All is not lost for Yellow Submarine however as Zemeckis will be free to sell the project to another studio. He is reportedly looking at directing a live action project, but he may still want to finish the film. The fate of the Yellow Submarine remake seemingly rests in his hands at the moment.

Lets be honest, the original film wasn’t exactly great outside of the songs The Beatles recorded for it (Hey Bulldog!) and Zemeckis hasn’t exactly been on top form since he’s been living in his uncanny valley fantasy world. Still, the brilliant Peter Serafinowicz is playing the role of Paul McCartney, and anyone who has seen his show or the Shaun of The Dead extras know he can pull off the accent. Perhaps Zemeckis should get back to where he once belonged (as in live action) for Yellow Submarine. Either way, I’m sure we’ll find out more about the fate of film in the next few days/weeks.

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