Ryan Thomason

Dig through your attic: Nintendo game sells for 40k

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Apparently this game is made out of solid gold...plastic?

Got Stadium Events for the Nintendo? Yes? You’re about to be rich.

After 25 years, Dave (whose last name wasn’t used) found an original shrink wrapped Stadium Events for the Nintendo in his basement after hearing about one that sold for 13k on Ebay.  Why was his valued higher? Because of the 20! known to exist, he was one of two that still had original shrinkwrapping.

Why is this game so rare? Nintendo bought the game and the floormat power pad that you used to play it, recalled them all and destroyed them.  Of the 200 or so that were said to have slipped through the cracks, only 20 are known to be around still.  Though with all the publicity this sale is getting, I bet we’re going to see a lot more flooding into the market.

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