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Xopher and I just did a bro-fist. Marvel has announced the death of Peter Parker in TOMORROWS Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #160. WPR has all the info thanks to a Tip from Marvel in my inbox.

Sorry if you are a fan of Spider-man but there are those of us at WPR who just can’t stand the character, though it seems that while Peter Parker may be passing on, Spider-Man will live on in some way. At least we don’t have to worry about him giving up the love of his life and marriage to bring a wrinkled old lady back from the dead. Ultimate Spider-Man debuted in 2000, so it’s been a good 11 years in the making that he (Peter Parker) should finally expire, the whole Ultimates Universe has been a nice modernization of characters for Marvel, and apparently this death is going to rock the whole line of Ultimate Comics. Especially since the Spider-Man version is the most popular and best selling line of all of them. The story will continue in July’s Ultimate Comics Fallout picking up right after the death of Spider-Man and showing what happens when the world doesn’t have Peter Parker around to muck it up.

My question is, who is this supposed newcomer that will take over for Parker and become Spider-Man? It might get me interested in the comic (especially the character) again if done right.


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Mark Bagley

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