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Did You Blink? Then You Missed This “Once in a Lifetime” Sale

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Fans of George RR Martin, I’m giving you a really, really good reason to pay closer attention to what his publisher has been up to.

I would have let you all know about it when I found out, but LESS THAN AN HOUR after they sent out the email, everything was already sold out on their site. The reason I’m still letting you know about it is more of a cautionary tale. If you have an author that you absolutely love and have been waiting to get in the door on limited editions/signed copies that isn’t some atrocious price on Ebay, make sure that you have their publisher bookmarked and subscribed to their email newsletters. Here is a taste on what we all missed out on for the pre-orders (unless you were one of the lucky bastards to get one) Next time, I’ll open up the email right away so I can get the next set they are putting out soon.

Storm of Swords

In August, we will release the limited edition of A Storm of Swords, the third volume of George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire Series. Tom Canty has already begun work on volume four, A Feast for Crows, so this long-delayed series of limited editions will soon be back on track.

Our edition of Storm will be published as two volumes housed in a single slipcase, lavishly illustrated by Charles Vess, who is contributing several full-color plates, more than 70 black and white interiors, as well as a separate full-color wraparound dust jacket to each volume.

Limited: 448 signed numbered copies
Lettered: 52 signed lettered copies, slipcased, with a ‘remarque’ by Charles Vess

Feast for Crows

Tom Canty has nearly completed the illustrations, which will include:

* roughly 70 black and white interior illustrations, including chapter heads and tails, full page illustrations, and black and white vignettes
* different dust jackets for each of the two volumes in the set.
* time and artist intent permitting, the endsheets for these volumes will consist of an original map(s)
* three full-color interior illustrations will appear in the limited edition, with an extra full-color piece exclusive to the lettered
* the slipcases will feature stamped artwork, one color on the limited edition, two colors for the lettered edition
* the lettered edition will also feature an original remarque, or small illustration, by Tom Canty on the signature page

Limited: 448 signed numbered hardcover copies, in slipcase:
Lettered: 52 signed copies, housed in a custom slipcase, with artist remarque

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