DICE make U-Turn on Battlefield 3 Physical Warfare Pack

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I guess some good old fashioned Internet nerd rage can pay off sometimes.Our story begins with in the UK where if you preorder Battlefield 3 Limited Edition in GAME or Gamestation then you get the Physical Warfare pack, which consists of quite a few powerful weapons available from day one.

So standard preorder DLC bullshit then, that will most likely give those who preorder an unfair advantage in multiplayer. “Gamers” went to Reddit to vent and a large boycott movement started because it was feared this content would only be available for those who have preordered. DICE have now responded and said that it will be available to everyone for free of charge at a later date. Those who pre-order just get early access. Which really begs the question of why it’s not just available on disc in the first place, given it’s free anyway. The answer is simple enough, they’ve got to try and squeeze as much money out of you as they can through preorders.

The big one though is the Back To Karkland expansion, which will also be given to those pre-order free of charge when it’s released as DLC, which is apparently not on disc and won’t be day one. Those who don’t preorder will still be able to buy it on the day it’s released. Perhaps that’s fair, providing that those who don’t pre-order will probably get the game at a cheaper price, but I’m still not a fan of these kind of pre-order incentives. To those who were going to boycott though, I ask why are you not doing that for every game that employs these tactics. It’s not like this is some new and drastic move that DICE are pulling. Do something but don’t be choosy just because it’s a high profile title.

Source: BF3 Blog

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