DICE have put Mirror’s Edge 2 development on hold

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Looks like Faith has run out of rooftop. Or something.DICE boss Patrick Soderlund was interviewed over at Swedish gaming website Vicachu and in it he revealed what has been happening with the long rumoured sequel to Mirror’s Edge. In it he claims that sales were not as good as DICE expected and that those who were working on the second game are now working on other projects. The saddest news is that the game was in development, with it even getting a behind closed doors prototype.

I think it’s a damn shame that development on Mirror’s Edge 2 has stopped. As I said in my review nearly two years ago, I thought the original had a lot going for it despite its problems and if they were fixed it could be a really fun and original title. I guess DICE want to play it safe though with Battlefield and the like. Hopefully one day they’ll go back and finish the game, but for now, no more freerunning for you.

Source: Vicachu via MCV

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