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Dial H #4 – Comic Review

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This looks like a job for…Gabe Newell?

Dial H #4: Into You
Writer: China Miéville
Penciler/Inker: Mateus Santolouco
Publisher: DC Comics

You know that cliche episode of a show featuring superpowers when the powers just aren’t working right when they’re needed most? Well, issue 4 of Dial H is just that, but it still manages to continue its tradition breaking ways. This issue allows our loveable loser Nelson Jent to show off a little bit of a badass side, as his still malfunctioning dial forces him to actually put a cape and mask around his own portly frame and fight evil the old fashioned way. Armed with aisle 7 of a hardware store, he becomes ‘Rescue Jack’ to save his mentor and friend Manteau from the clutches of Ex Nihilo’s henchmen.

With every issue, I find myself more and more impressed with the story of Dial H. While at first I thought this might become a hero-of-the-month set of one-off stories, every bit of these continuing adventures fall into place like a bizarre jigsaw puzzle. China Mieville and Mateus Santolouco’s deconstruction of the superhero genre using such ordinary and average people may only be four issues in, but the hook is already so deeply embedded in this one that any reader will happily go along for the long and twisted ride.

If you haven’t tasted the candy that is Dial H, do yourself a favorite and jump on this one right now. With superb storytelling, a great sense of humor, and amazing artwork that only seems to trump itself issue by issue, DC Comics would be foolish to drop this one.

Judge for yourself: COMIXOLOGY

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