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Diablo Cody Apparently Gave Up Stripping?

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Since she’s now a writer-director of a movie that was called Lamb of God (Currently no official title). You might know her as the writer of Juno.

Giving strippers everywhere hope that everyone can still dream about following their dreams, as they straddle some sweaty fat dudes lap. Diablo Cody has apparently been working on another movie, which sounds Christian-riffic. Not that it lampoons the faith, apparently it is something for believers, so yeah. Don’t think many of us will be seeing it here at WPR.

Where it gets iffy is finding out that Russel Brand is now attached as the lead role of a Bartender in Las Vegas that helps guide the female character that is all finding jesus or something? I should have payed better attention at the press release. I am a fan of Russel Brand though, so maybe this movie might be worth a look with my “I’m an intellectual” hat on.

The screenplay itself isn’t anti-Christ at all, though. Cody certainly takes some shots at Conservatives and their stranglehold of the Church, but ultimately, the story sides with the faithful and not the atheists.

You might compare it to Dogma, I suppose, in that it might rumble several members of the church but is actually built on a presupposition that God exists.

Looks like release date is in May 2013.


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